24.11.2017 author

Introduction for big movie: our new project took part in international workshop for filmmakers

New film…it always needs qualitative promo that starts much earlier than release. It’s real mastery how to tease audience and keep attention till movie will go into the world. And it’s always great to study:   on 9th of November director Stas Gurenko and DOP Sasha Bojko moved to Minsk to take part in international workshop that was organized by B2B Doc (Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network) during Minsk international film festival “Listapad”.  All participants were selected in competition and our new project, documentary film by director Stas Gurenko “Prayer in three acts” became one of 8 lucky ones from different countries. (It’s a working title that may be changed during work process).

“Documentary film is always a challenge” – Stas says- “you never know, how person will behave and act, how the situation will change etc. But recently, we understood – we should do nothing, everything comes and happens by itself”.