20.11.2017 author

Who are you, Mr. Lynch?

David Lynch is a cult person in film industry, so it was extremely interesting for us to see him in real life. And you know – this incredible man is very bright charismatic actor!  He is full of energy and provided a lot of press-conferences, gave millions of interviews, visited many events, took part in ceremonial gala-dinner and had a meeting with the president. Only sometimes he spent some time alone to have a little rest and smoke a cigarette in a silence.

Famous director is open for communication, his handshake is strong and his sense of humor is brilliant. He doesn’t hide his emotions and always ready to share his experience and ideas. And also, he appreciates good red wine and thin lovely talks. Well, these three unbelievable days with legend of modern cinema became great experience for us – thank you, Mr. Lynch, hope to see you again!