Small actor, plasticine fairy tale and real dog in kind family story in our new commercial for Herbalife Ukraine

It’s always a challenge how to show the world with kid’s eyes, and we did it in extremely short terms! One of the most warm and beloved projects – commercial “Beginning of wonderful is today” for Herbalife Ukraine. We needed a lot of colored plasticine, mastery of artist and hours of hard and concentrated work to create a short cartoon in the beginning of video.

But during shooting of acting part there was fine friendly and fun athmosphere on set. Main actor, 6-years old boy Max became a favorite of all the team, this artistic guy played his role really professionally.

“And there will be real dog, yes?” – sometimes he asked with a little doubts, – “Sure, it will because everything is real!”

Client: Herbalife Ukraine

Red Glass production
Director: Stanislav Gurenko
DOP: Sasha Bojko
1st Ad: Dzen Evstigneykin

Executive producer: Yana Altukhova
Gaffer: Artem Smirnov
Line producer: Christina Prylip
Line producer: Galina Dubinskaya
Production assistant: Vlad Grigoriev, Sasha Gladun
Art department: Mariya Ostrovska
Style: Dana Sebesevych, Helen Logvin
Make up: Marta Rodyk
Photo/Key Visual: Dima Romas
Backstage video: Nazar Manuliak

Cast: Iurii Piven, Lena Govorova, Maksim Luchak

Маленький актер, пластилиновый мультфильм и настоящая собака – добрая семейная история в нашем новом ролике для Herbalife Ukraine

Показать мир глазами ребенка – всегда сложная задача, с которой мы справились в рекордно короткие сроки! Один из самых теплых и полюбившихся проектов – ролик «Початок чудового сьогодні» для Herbalife Ukraine . Чтобы создать красочный мини-мультфильм в начале видео, понадобилось много цветного пластилина, мастерство художника и часы кропотливой работы. Зато во время съемок игровой части ролика на площадке была дружеская и веселая атмосфера. Главный герой, 6-летний Макс сразу стал любимчиком всей съемочной группы – этот артистичный парень отлично справился со своей ролью. “И настоящая собака тоже будет, да?» – иногда с недоверием переспрашивал Макс, – «Конечно будет, у нас все по-настоящему!»

Client: Herbalife Ukraine

Red Glass production
Director: Станислав Гуренко
DOP: Саша Бойко
1st Ad: Dzen Evstigneykin

Executive producer: Яна Алтухова
Gaffer: Артем Смирнов
Line producer:  Кристина Прылип
Line producer:  Галина Дубинская
Production assistant:  Влад Григорьев, Саша Гладун
Art department: Мария Островска
Style: Дана Себесевич, Елена Логвин Helen Logvin
Make up:  Марта Родык
Photo/Key Visual:  Дима Ромас
Backstage video:  Назар Мануляк Nazar Manuliak

Cast: Юрий Пивень, Елена Говорова, Максим Лучак

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The hottest music video of this autumn – “Tabletka” by “Viu Viu!

Bright, shining, crazy, full of live energy – all these words are about our new clip “Tabletka” for “Viu Viu” group. Creating of this video became exciting adventure for all our team. Director Stas Gurenko decided to stay off standards of typical “club movie” and choose minimalism and fashion-style. Bright saturated colors, beautiful nonstandard models, original props, dynamic montage and accents on close-up and details – all of these in incredible mix of visual impressions and emotions. We all enjoyed shooting process, had a lot of fun and inspiration!

Our dream team:

Red Glass production

Director:  Stanislav Gurenko)
DOP:  Sasha Bojko
1stAD:  Jonhy Blaze
Executive producer:  Yana Altukhova
Gaffer:  Artem Smirnov
Line producer:  Christina Prylip
Line producer:  Galina Dubinskaya)
Production assistant:  Vlad Grigoriev
Art department:  Mariya Ostrovska
Style:  Vlad Skoryk
Make up:  Dasha Taivas Marta Rodyk
Hair stylist:  Natalka Kapustina
Tech support:  PATRIOT Rental
Tech support:  Dzen Evstigneykin
Location:  Loft31 photostudio

Cast: Jake Davies, Artem Kandyba, Serzh Kamenetskiy, Evgeniya Zaritova, Misha Pankratova, Zhenya Fox, Kristina Tsapko

Самая горячая премьера осени – клип на песню «Таблетка» группы «Viu Viu»!

Если зажигать, то по полной: яркие образы, эпатажные модели, калейдоскоп цвета, света и блеска. И, конечно же, много, очень много таблеток – больших, маленьких, разноцветных и блестящих! Режиссер Стас Гуренко отошел от традиционного формата «клубных съемок»: только минимализм и все самое лучшее – бескомпромиссные цвета, нестандартные модели, динамичный монтаж и акцент на крупных планах и деталях. Наши художники смастерили огромную таблетку, на которой качалась и кружилась солистка группы Саманта – куда ж без «Rock&Roll», право! А другая таблетка в ее руках разлетелась на половинки, выпустив вихрь сверкающих блесток. Было ярко, жарко, интересно и весело: клип «Таблетка» – лучшее  лекарство от осенней хандры!


In this project, everything came together: our very beloved Lviv, shootings in the early spring and the project for innovative LvivTechCity. This place is unique and this has not happened in Ukraine yet: potential residents of LvivTech.City Park are high-tech companies (in the fields of IT, energy saving, biotechnology, etc.), high-tech entrepreneurs and start-ups.

In this video, we had a difficult task: to show Lviv, gray and tired after the long winter — beautiful and festive. Working hard on the post — and here’s the result.

This director’s cut, which is slightly different from the official version of the video.

We like it. Are you?

Our mini-film for Valeria Kovalska got “Best costume design” Award of London Fashion Film Festival!

For a long time we admire the design of Valeria Kovalska. Her sense of beauty completely coincides with ours!

Video “The Fifth Samurai”, which is a teaser of Valeria’s collection, is a short moment of inspiration, which we shot in a day.

Then this movie went to several festivals of fashion films.

And on the 18th of September we received a great news from London: our mini-film for Valeria Kovalska got “Best costume design” Award of London Fashion Film Festival!


We bet you wanted to change something in your favorite burger in McDonalds.

Well, at least once. So you certainly have chance to participate in a large-scale all-Ukrainian contest “My Burger”. As part of this competition, McDonald’s invited everyone to express themselves and create their own unique burger recipe.

Out of more than 147 thousand ideas, the jury selected two burger-winners – Ariburger and Fresh Chicken Cheese, which you can try in most restaurants of the network in Kyiv from May 17!

The development of communication for the burger competition involved the agency TBWA \ Ukraine, and we made a very delicious video. Good appetite!


The video about the large-scale international exhibition “Fragile state” of #PinchukArtCentre.

During the performance of Marina Abramovich’s “Generator”, the team was not injured. Well, with the exception of our editing director Max Miklin, who received an unexpected tactile experience.

Latest interview with the director Stanislav Gurenko, co-founder of Red Glass production.

Latest interview with the director Stanislav Gurenko, co-founder of Red Glass production.

His film – Dustards – most recently came online for Megogo!

In the interview, Stanislav talks about how the Dustards were created and what’s next.

And also about life and what`s it all about.

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Here is our new work, the result of the joint creativity of Stanislav Gurenko and Alexei Sogomonov

We are very proud of our joint work with the “Boombox” band! Yes, this is the band which songs you all know by heart or at least a couple of lines!

Here is our new work, the result of the joint creativity of Stanislav Gurenko and Alexei Sogomonov (producer of “Boombox”). This is the poster of the Kiev concert of the group in the tour “Naked King.”

All the main city lights of Kyiv are ours now!